Introducing the first Decentralized Radio Network powered by the GS50 crypto ecosystem.
    The Bogle Player is a custom built multi streaming application for NFT's.
    Launch your NFT radio station and stream your content.
    Play full legnth NFT albums with music and video.
    Switch from the low pay streaming model to asset ownership on chain.
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Mixtape Radio/ Urban All Formats
Target Price 1 BNB - Current price 0.1 BNB
Dive into the heartbeat of the Hip-Hop Community with our immersive live streaming music and podcast platform. Get ready to groove and earn as your purchase not only unlocks access but also rewards you with GS50 tokens, automatically enrolling you in a groundbreaking blockchain radio network rewards program. Elevate your experience and finances simultaneously – it's more than just music, it's a dynamic journey into the fusion of beats and blockchain innovation.
by @Spade1Worldwide
djSpade1 is no ordinary hip-hop DJ – he's a 35-year powerhouse that's been setting stages on fire with his high-energy beats and mixtapes. But his story doesn't end there. In a thrilling twist, he's also dived into the blockchain world, crafting innovative apps, groundbreaking NFT projects, and even birthing The 80/20 Defi economy. And now, a new addition to his portfolio: introducing the Blockchain Radio Network, powered by GS50 and Binance Chain. Get ready for a turbocharged fusion of music and technology.
Get ready for a new experience! Simply connect your crypto wallet to our custom media player to create your very own digital collectible (NFT). Holding this NFT in your wallet grants you access to our live music stream. If you don't have an NFT, you can still join in by donating BNB or ETH on the BASE NETWORK for a limited-time access to the stream. It's your ticket to an exclusive musical journey!
Mixtape Radio Network / djSpade1 Radio
Hip-Hop and R&B
C&R Studios
24 Hour Live Stream
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Mint Your NFT
After minting your NFT play it on Bogle.app

The NFT grants you access to an exclusive live radio stream featuring the best rap music from the last 50 years. With each Rap Radio NFT you mint, you support artists worldwide through the Global Artist Wallet initiative, ensuring that musicians receive the recognition and compensation they deserve.

These NFTs are also your key to the 80/20 ecosystem, where GS50 holders are generously rewarded on every transaction. This innovative ecosystem bridges blockchain and music, creating a dynamic digital universe where your contributions ripple through the community.

As you mint these NFTs and join the 80/20 ecosystem, you become a pivotal member of a dynamic, rewarding community that stands for music and its creators. Immerse yourself in the rhythm, history, and culture of hip-hop, and secure your place in the innovative 80/20 ecosystem. It's your backstage pass to rap music excellence.

Circulating Supply: Connect Wallet to Binance Chain.

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